To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain perpetually a child. For what is the worth of a human life unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?
- Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 B.C.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time to sort through it all

**WARNING** This is going to be one longggg post! Grab some popcorn, a drink, sit back and please relax!

During a normal Google search I came upon an interesting link. The das Projekt - the Project

At first glance I assumed it to be another family tree that my family had turned up on. I gathered all the genealogical information from it that I could then sent out a simple email questioning the ties to their family and mine. Of course I didn't leave the site even after all that! I searched around and soon came to find that it was not in fact a family tree but "..a genealogical project committed to documenting all genealogical relationships in the Southern Palatinate (Districts of the Südwestpfalz and the Südliche Weinstraße) and the French district of Bas-Rhin. We also document the emigrants from this area and their descendants in the country of immigration."

So it looks as though the Wurzer family is from the Southern Palatinate in Germany. More specifically either the district of Südwestpfalz or Südliche Weinstraße. I could jump for joy, literally because of this information. Basically trying to find anything out about immigrates in their home country is next to impossible, unless you know the area or even better the town they lived in. I am only steps from finding out the town!!

I got an email back this morning from the owner of the Birkenhördt das Projekt explaining what I knew that it was not a family tree but a genealogical project. I returned an email thanking them and wondering if they could give me anymore information about the area that the Wurzer's lived in.

Recs who is the owner of the website did say this about the Wurzers "..Your family is in the database because of their Rochester roots and a connection to our area of research which have unfortunately not yet been able to pin down."

I hope that they will soon be able to pin it down and I have hopes they will keep in mind that I would love to hear all the information they come across!

What I did find on their website was about my Great Grandfather. Albert Leonard Wurzer was my Grandfather Paul Wurzer's father. Albert married Luella Meader and together they had 3 children. Albert Wurzer, Paul Wurzer, and Marie Wurzer (I have found nothing about Marie, I know her name through oral history only). I had found nothing about Albert L but yesterday that changed.

(God I wish I could figure out how to start a family tree on this site...anyone have any idea it would make visualize so much better for ya'll!)

Albert's mother was named Anna Strigl, she was born in August of 1877 in Deutschland. I have yet to understand if Deutschland means Germany or if it is an area in Germany? It is unknown when she passed away in Rochester, New York.

Albert's father was Michael Wurzer, he was born in March of 1871 in Deutschland as well. Michael passed away in Rochester, New York on the 13th of February 1911.

Together Anna and Michael had 7 children! Here are the 7 children in their birth order:

*Joseph Matthias who sadly did not live very long 27 of October 1894 to 16 December 1894

*Joseph Leonard born the 14th of December 1895 and passed the 4th of December 1970. He at some point moved to Florida because that is where his death certificate is from. He married Edna Helen Walling and together they had 1 child, Willard C Wurzer.

*Leo Leonard born the 2nd of January 1898 passed the 13th of January 1986. He at some point moved to California because his death certificate is from there. He married Helen Anna Eresman together they had 3 children. Leonard, Lois, and an unknown child.

*William Leonard born the 27th of October 1899 and passed in December 1950. He married Roslia Mayer.

*Leonard was born the 24th of August in 1901 but sadly was not alive in 1910. I believe he was a twin to my Great Grandfather.

*Albert Leonard was born the 24th of August in 1901 he passed away in May of 1975. He married Luella Meader. You know the children they had so I won't bore you with retyping that.

and last but not least *Marcella Regina was born in 1906 in Rochester, New York. She did marry Frank N DiGrazia.

Michael and Anna brought their family to America between 1887-1888. I would love to find their immigration records..

Phewwww..I know mucho more as well. Michael's parents were Joseph Wurzer (September 1851-May 1902 born in Deutschland passed away in Rochester, New York) and Anna Giehl (born about June 1846 and it is unknown when she passed. She too was born in Deutschland and passed in Rochester, New York). Anna's parents were Leonard Strigl (born about 1850 in Deutschland and is unknown when or where he passed) and Josepha Raedl (born about 1850 and it is unknown when she passed. She too was born in Deutschland and is unknown when or where she passed).

I could get into even more information about Michael's brothers and sisters..but honestly I think you might have had enough information thrown at I right? That is exactly how I felt yesterday.

So this is where I will leave you, until tomorrow :)


Note To Self: Never leave the computer unless you have finished your train of thought with the sentence!!

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